Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cincy Groove TV Holiday Special Dec 24, 2008

Tracy Walker & Eliah Gregg, "Santa Baby", Cincy Groove TV Holiday Show

This is a video from Tracy Walker & Eliah Gregg performing "Santa Baby" from the upcoming Cincy Groove TV Holiday Show that will be airing on Dec 24, 2008 here on

Sunday, December 7, 2008

photos of Cincinnati bluegrass band, The Rubber Knife Gang, 12.6.08, Southgate House, Newport, KY:


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Video - Amber Nash, 11.26.08, Everybody's Records, Cincinnati, OH

video of Cincinnati, OH ukulele player Amber Nash, 11.26.08, Everybodys Records, Cincinnati, OH:


Friday, November 14, 2008

Video - Katie Reider Tribute/Benefit Show, 11.8.08, Dirty Jacks, Cincinnati, OH

Video from The Katie Reider Tribute/Benefit Show that took place on 11.8.08 at Dirty Jacks, Cincinnati, OH:

Bands include - Whitney Barricklow, Holly Spears, Jayne Sachs, The Blue Umbrellas, Chakras, Frozen Feet, Jen Foster. Debra Randall did a great job putting this show together. I heard that they actually had Dirty Jacks at capacity at one point.
There is another Katie Reider Tribute Show happening on 11/29/2008 at The Southgate House in Newport, KY. 13 bands, Doors are at 8pm, shows starts at 8:30 pm (seriously its really going to start at 8:30), $7 for ages 21+ and $10 for ages 18-20. All proceeds from the show will goto Karen Reider and their 2 sons.


Thursday, November 6, 2008

Bootsy Collins & Ralph Stanley to perform at 2008 CEA's

Performers for this years Cincinnati Entertainment Awards have been announced. Opening the show will be none other than Bootsy Collins who will be performing a 20 minute tribute to the Godfather of Soul James Brown. After Bootsy, we have 2007 CEA winners The Seedy Seeds (New Artist of the Year, Electronic/Experimental) and The Sundresses (Alternative/Indie). Next up is first time 2008 CEA nominee Eclipse (hip hop category). Closing the show will be legendary bluegrass/country artist Ralph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain Boys. Ralph's connection to Cincinnati comes from his time recording at King Records.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Watch Barack Obama's Acceptance Speech

Watch Barack Obama's acceptance speech from Grant Park in Chicago -


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Photos - Eclipse, 10.10.08, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH

Photos of Cincinnati hip hop/soul/funk band Eclipse, 10.10.08, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH:


Sunday, September 28, 2008

Midpoint Music Festival 2008, Cincinnati, OH

What a great 3 days of music in my hometown of Cincinnati, OH. The Midpoint Music Festival has become one of the best music festivals around. It takes a tremendous amount of effort to have over 150 bands playing over 3 days in 15 different venues. City Beat Magazine put together a great festival this year. A nice touch was the 20 Scion street cars that were running a loop during the festival to shuttle around patrons, it saved me a lot of walking.

Here are photos I took of the following bands:
Seabird, Daughters and Sons, Addie Loy, Megan King, Ill Poetic, Sonny Moorman, The Newbees, Jon Justice Band, IsWhat, Jayne Sachs, Seedy Seeds, Taini Asili, Tracy Walker, Troubadour Dali, Wussy, Yoshi, The Koala Fires, Bill Kurzenerger

There is also video from most of the bands that were photographed, bands from 9.25 have been added with the rest being added soon!


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Interview with Noah Sugarman

July 9, 2008

Interview and Photos by Scott Preston

noah sugarmanNoah Sugarman hails from the great state of Kentucky where he studied jazz and classical guitar, as well as bluegrass, which is instilled in musicians from that region at a very young age. After 13 years of writing and performing 25 year old Noah Sugarman has created a genre transcending style all to it's own. With melody heavy lyrics from a big rhythm and blues voice touching on deep subject matter, rhythmic finger picking and beats that keep you guessing. Noah Sugarman's recordings and live shows are truly a sight to hear and see. (from

Cincy Groove: I see you are playing the Madison Theater in Covington, KY this Friday.

Noah Sugarman: Yeah we are excited about it. Its the last show of the tour. We have been out on the road for 2 months now, but its been great. But its nice to play the last show of the tour to a home crowd.

Cincy Groove: Who is in your touring band?

Noah Sugarman: All guys from Cincinnati, pretty much my old group The Rudies. Pete plays keyboard, Zach Russell my drummer (who is actually from Indiana), Ian Herzog was the bass player, but now has a 2 year old son and decided to focus on his family. So we got another guy we went to high school with David Lloyd to play bass. I have known all these guys for years, so it makes it easier to go out and travel. They are like my brothers.

noah sugarman

Cincy Groove: I know about your studio cd you released last year "Art of Starting a Fire", I also see you released a 2nd cd "Web b-sides", whats on that one?

Noah Sugarman: Its just basically some demos we recorded. We also did a Thin Lizzy song on there.

Cincy Groove: Are you going to record another studio cd in the future?

Noah Sugarman: Yes, but not quite yet, we are still going to tour this one for a while. I'm writing new songs, but honestly I don't see it coming out in the next year and a half. If we had a bigger fan base I would push to get it out sooner. But we are still going to places we haven't been before. Its more important to me to tour and get my name out, than to rush right back into the studio.

Read the full interview here

Friday, May 30, 2008


funk, freekbass, cincinnati, music

*THE NEW FREEBASS LIVE CD "grooveyard" IS NOW AVAILABLE. CLICK TO Leeway's HomeGrownMusicNetwork TO ORDER.

Protege to funk-bass pioneer Bootsy Collins, fellow Cincinnati native Chris "Freekbass" Sherman and his band have inherited the Buckeye State's funk flag. Recorded live at the 20th Century Theatre in Cincinnati, Grooveyard is just that - a wide-open space full of dance-inducing, hard-hitting and sweaty electronic funk that listeners can let their ears run wild and get lost in!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Photos - Buffalo Killers, 4.18.2008, 20th Century Theater, Cincinnati, OH

buffalo killers, cincinnati music

Photos from Buffalo Killers at 20th Century Theater last night:

Buffalo Killers, 4.18.2008, 20th Century Theater, Cincinnati, OH


Photos - Freekbass, 4.18.08, 20th Century Theater, Cincinnati, OH

freekbass, funk, cincinnati music

Photos from Freekbass at 20th Century Theater last night:

Freekbass, 4.18.2008, 20th Century Theater, Cincinnati, OH

They were recording a live dvd last night so be on the look out for that. Be sure to also catch Freekbass on the upcoming Tribute to James Brown Tour which begins May 1st. Check out the information for the tour at


Friday, April 18, 2008

500,000 hits in 365 Days for Katie Reider

katie reider

project goal.
The goal of this project is to link 500,000 people within 365 days to We want to connect people to singer songwriter Katie Reider’s character, wit, personality, genuine talent and soul, as she continues her ongoing battle with a myofibroblastic inflammation tumor.

Katie has something about her, which ignites when performing on stage. She truly connects to other people. She is the real deal, a true gift to those who know her and a personality with genuine talent. In the music industry, it's rare that fans can connect to the performer on a personal level.

This entire project will be internet based. After logging into the website, the user will meet Katie Reider. We will be producing a 3-5 min video trailer of Katie from the last 10 years, that will be posted on this website and youtube promoting the campaign. Next we will need to sum up the purpose of the project by talking a bit about this story and where proceeds are going. Let’s please keep in mind that we don’t want to focus on her battle as much as really help to connect people to the project. It’s not a pity party, it’s a cool concept for the greater good.

The action is to then give your $1.00 gift to the cause in exchange for Katie’s gift. We are only asking for a $1 contribution that will grant the user access to download a collection of 8 original songs Katie’s performed over the last 10 years. This is not a purchase, but an exchange. When you give, you receive!

100% of the proceeds go to Katie Reider’s 365-Day Benefit Fund. We believe this will not only connect people to Katie, but will reconnect Katie to her ever-growing audience, even if she is not on stage doing what she loves to do right now. We want everyone to have a chance to get to know Katie, as she continues her ongoing battle with this difficult journey. Let’s help Katie to continue to reach, inspire and perform
for new fans, young and old.

Katie has baffled doctors with this rare medical condition she has been struggling with since February of 2006. She slowly started to lose bone mass in her upper left jaw and began having serious pain all over the left side of her face. Her body grew weak and she began feeling extremely fatigued over the next few months, as she toured the east coast performing with her band.

In May of 2007 at the TASTE OF CINCINNATI, in Cincinnati, Ohio Katie found herself with her last burst of energy to perform on stage. Katie was diagnosed in July of 2007 with a myofibroblastic inflammation tumor. The tumor / inflammation first started in her sinus and her upper left jaw, has moved into her skull base and behind/underneath her left eye (orbit). Because of the location and extent of the spread, surgery is not an option. If they were to try to do surgery, it would involve removing almost half of her face, which can't happen. That said, 7 weeks of radiation treatments began, but have proven to be ineffective.

In March of 2008 her PET Scan showed progression of the tumor in her sinus/ skull base area as well as a couple other alarming spots. One of these "spots" is a dime-sized tumor rather low on her esophagus behind her heart. The second spot is a lesion in her spine at the L4 vertebrae. With that news, the doctors want to do a biopsy of the tumor on her esophagus. And the battle continues.

May of 2007 may have been the last time Katie performed on stage, but she’ll continue performing for thousands over the next year. This is a project to unite all of us. It is also an experiment to see just how word of mouth can spread to inspire both parties involved. For each person who visits the site and takes part in the project, we ask they keep the word going by word of mouth and pay it forward.

the plan.
The website will combine Katie’s personality, genuine talent and raw wit. Using the video trailer, a website mailing list, an online newsletter, word of mouth, and the 8 selected songs, we hope to motivate others to jump on board.

We will launch Katie Reider’s 365-Day Campaign Benefit on May 23rd, 2008 and we need all of your help.

get involved.
We are looking to collect any original video footage you might have of Katie Reider from the last 10 years. If you are a fellow musician, you can also donate your material to potentially be used in the video of Katie. Anything and everything is much appreciated!

Please also include a note giving us permission to use your video and music. Go ahead and send the ORIGINAL footage of Katie for us to cut and edit as QuickTime files or mini-dv tapes and send music electronically, or by CD. If you have a VHS or another format, please digitize if possible before sending. That will REALLY help us out!

Please submit all material NO LATER THAN APRIL 5th, 2008.
Note that submissions by mail cannot be returned without including a self addressed stamped envelope. Packages should be no bigger than 3” x 5”.

You can submit electronically by email to, or to the address below:

Katie Reider’s 365-Day Benefit
ATTN: Lauren Fernandes
P.O. Box 480722
Bicentennial Station
Los Angeles, CA 90048

Stay tuned. We’ll be updating everyone weekly about where we are at over the next 10 weeks as we prepare to launch this 365-Day Benefit for Katie. If you would like to volunteer in anyway, please send an email to our wonderful team

Lauren Fernandes
Director of Development
Los Angeles, CA